The power of technology and ideas together

I can’t stress enough how great the internet is at progressing academic study. The production costs of sharing and or publishing material is almost infinitely low. As such it makes the opportunity of publishing accessable to more people. Take me for example, a lowly graduate student and here I am publishing material to all who wish to find it. A similar heart warming example, is a recent find on Allen Dalton’s syllabus for principles of macroeconomics, where he lists my Taco Bell article as one of the required readings.

Another Yin and Yang presentation of Taco Bell

I just noticed Jaimie Ianelli’s piece in the Loyola student journal on the Taco Bell issue: A Case for Market Philanthropy.
Ianelli takes the pro-boycott perspective as he did when we first discussed this issue back in undergrad.
Interesting enough his piece makes reference to this Sirico piece: Help poor workers: eat Taco Bell tomatoes, which parallels my tomatoe purchasing campaign.