Interview on Fox8

I was just interviewed for local news Fox8 about the economic recession and its effect on current effects with the local retail market. It’s supposed to air after major league baseball tonight around 10pm in the New Orleans area. Video cameras are intimidating devices.

The NYT on California prison system

How difficult it is for state planners to fully recognize the scope of costs and unintended consequences behind criminal justice policies. I’d bet dollars to donuts increases in the parole system were at one time sited as a release valve for prison populations. The technique proves ineffective without credible commitment and thus ends up being more costly than less. An interesting piece regardless.

Radio interview this morning

Doubt many people caught it but I was interviewed on talk radio this morning. Robinette’s “Think Tank,” gave me a call to discuss the economic platforms of McCain and Obama. To sum up my points were:
1) There is little to no differences between the economic effects of either candidates proposals. Both have thrown markets under the bus as of lately.
2) Presidents do not save economies. Economic effects are often delayed responses to previous administrations good or bad efforts.
3) Free markets help make life easier with lower prices and higher quality goods and services. Tough times are usually the result of messing up the price system from doing its job.

Gainfully employed!!!

Once again a thousand apologies for such delays between posts, I am sad to report that much of the same can be expected for at least another month or so as I am finalizing my dissertation and defending in the very near future.
As for the title of the post, I am very excited to report that I have accepted a tenure track appointment as assistant professor of economics at Loyola University New Orleans. What a fine feeling this homecoming will be. Thanks to everyone who has already wished me a kind congratulations and thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me throughout this grueling process.

Lavoie Essay contest results

I’m pleased to announce that Claudia Williamson and I have won the Don Lavoie essay contest this year.
Claudia is doing fascinating work on the empirical differences between formal and informal institutions and their influences upon economic growth and development through the development of secure private property rights. To make a long story short she concludes that informal cultural norms are more influential on the security of private property rights rather than formal codifications of private property.
Congrats to Claudia and thank you to all of the judges.

There are no terrorists.

This post may not be appreciated or agreed with by many people, but it’s something that has come to mind that I feel compelled to write down nonetheless. In breaking news there has been a terrible school shooting at Virginia Tech. I’d like to start by saying that this is a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the victims, their families and everyone effected.

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Some thoughts on IP

I’m unsatisfied with the argument that pharmaceutical companies need patents on their new drugs because otherwise their R and D is so expensive and long term that a removal of their patent privilege would greatly reduce the number of new drugs that hit the market. The argument then implies that keeping this amount of drugs from dropping is well worth whatever innovations and losses the monopoly restrictions bring along.

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