Imagine HBO’s next show was Athens

Roderick posted some historical accuracy comments about HBOs Rome. Here’s a similar list I’d expect to have to make if HBO put out an “Athens” or a “Solon”:
1. In real life Solon was a legislator not a lawgiver. Athens had functioning law and justice; Solon just formalized it. In some cases to its functional detriment.
2. In real life everyone hated sycophants. Solon attempted to achieve equality and bring open access to justice to even the poor lower classes of Athens. Rather than only the victim having legitimacy to bring a criminal to trial, after Solon, anyone could. People who brought trials for their own profit were called sycophants and everyone hated them for sticking their noses where they didn’t belong.
3. In real life state sponsored justice did not accomplish class equality. Once the state ruled over the justice system the public prisons swelled with poor Athenians and wealthy elites walked free from crimes as always.
I’m just saying…