Friday on Freedom Watch

Here’s the clip for those who missed.

The internet is the most complex network of telecommunications that the universe has ever known. It hosts billions of dollars of economic exchange. In its fast rising to dominance, the cyberworld has had to quickly evolve social institutions so that contracts could be enforced. Though quick and relatively young these processes have proven well against many of internet tradings unique enforcement challenges.

So you are quite right to be concerned and ask critically if law makers considered that there might be costs associated with this new ISP law. Mandating that ISPs record, preserve and make available for governmental search all users’ digital histories for a year would, I’d imagine, significantly alter the way many people use the internet. Hence also disrupting the processes of institutional innovation currently at play in the digital world.

Law makers instead busily named it “the protecting children from internet pornographers act.” Why do I feel like the people who wield the power to regulate our technological future probably couldn’t be relied upon to program a TiVo?

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