Mike mofo’n Munger!

BAMF extraordinaire as usual!

The political law of the U.S. is a set of arbitrary, intrusive rules backed by overwhelming, irresistible physical force. It is the unavoidable implicatoin of the corrupt bargain made by those who think the alternative to coercive law is the Hobbesian state of nature. Letting people make their own choices is just not an option to you folks. So enjoy your police state, and STFU.


I agree with Munger as to the nature of the law, but I also doubt cops would spend much time shaking down children’s lemonade stand if there weren’t so many of them funded by so many dollars. Hard budget constraints and real resource scarcity make for a greater proportion of law enforcement resources to be used protecting against violence and property crimes relative to enforcing prohibitions and regulatory control. The better funded our police the more the police act according to the Public Choice interests of the state and the less responsive they are to the underlying preferences of our societal interests.

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