Sensitive about the Sensory Order

When Pete Boettke and I were drafting our two pieces on Hayek’s Sensory Order (here and here). Pete Leeson joked that we should entitle the first paper, “Stop Pretending Like You Understand What This Book Means.” Alas we settled on the current titles.
Tyler Cowen seems to share Leeson’s take:

I still think that The Sensory Order is Hayek’s most overrated book, though many call it his most underrated book, which in my view is where the overratedness comes from. I know the recent talk about “neural nets” and the like and you can claim Hayek was a precursor of the idea of the mind as an organ of classification. I simply think this is an empirical book more or less written in the 1920s about a field which has changed dramatically in the last ten to fifteen years, never mind in the last ninety years. And for an empirical book…it’s not even empirical! A few weeks ago I asked Bruce Caldwell whether the book had a single true sentence…