6 thoughts on “What’s it like to be colorblind?

  1. So if no women are colorblind, does this explain why they are more likely on aggregate to be excited about Christmas.
    I can’t believe that you never get to appreciate the awful jacket that Sam Peltzmen wears in “Commanding Heights.”
    On the plus side, you will never be talked into something simply because a woman is wearing a red dress.
    You get a pass on the question, do you think this red dress is too much for the party tonight. In a related vein, you are removed from answering many which dress is better questions because you can creditably answer that they both look grey to you.

  2. Fair enough Michael except on many occasions I’ve found that my own wardrobe suddenly becomes fair game for greater scrutiny and debate. “Oh you’re colorblind… is that why you never match?”

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