There’s nothing left for the rest of us.

While reading Pete lay out the fundamental question of political economy (how do we get the benefits of protective governance without the losses of the redistributive state) on The Austrian Economists over the last few days, I followed a link to Robert Higgs upcoming Journal of Libertarian Studies piece “If Men Were Angels.” Higgs hits the nail so on the head I thought about packing up my office and calling it a victory on the side of liberty. Read this piece now!

2 thoughts on “There’s nothing left for the rest of us.

  1. Stateless societies are wishful thinking. Although the article says, “The alleged absence of significant [or any] historical examples of large [or any], stateless societies during the past several thousand years …” no examples are provided.
    And, the tough part isn’t mentioned .. a plan on how to create an organized society without a state apparatus.

  2. This article really has me thinking.
    I really would love to believe in a stateless society, but I rellay have a hard time finding a methond that would work, or that I believe would work.
    I think the problem with the way society is now is that the populus is becoming weak.
    Government has controls placed on it and we the people need to exercise that control when necessary. It is not likely with the media and freedom of speech the way it is today that the government could create acts of unwantedness and get away with it. If it does, then it is our fault as a population for letting it. If you do not like the way things are being run, we have the power to change it. I think that is where the problem is. Because we don’t change it.
    Think of government officials as a bakers in a bakery. If we do not like the way they make the bread or the baker falsely makes the bread, we the owners of the bakery fire him and put a new baker in charge to make the bread the way that we want it.
    I think what is wrong with society is that we are afraid to use these controls or a great majority of the population does not know how.
    A bigger issue is freedom of speech and how it is going down the toilet. A great example of this is Don Imus and the Duke Lacrosse team. I do not agree with what Don Imus said, nor do I applaud racism, but I feel that firing him was wrong. It takes away and sets a president for people to use against society in the future. It will make someone think twice before saying somethinig that might need to be said that now might get them fired. As for Duke, you had a bunch of minority leaders calling for these boys head before there was any proof of wrong doing. In turn it ruined the duke lacrosse season, three boys lives and there families. And you still have not heard an apology from Sharpton of Jackson, yet Imus had to appologise 100 times over.
    The problem with goverment is a lack of backbone of the population. How many people do you know that would die for a cause like generations before us? (And I do not mean getting sent to Iraq) II believe that a government mirrors the governed. If the population is strong and of sound mind, the I believe that the government will be as well.

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