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At first, I thought Stumble was just a neat toolbar that you could add onto firefox and click from time to time when you wanted the internet to entertain you. But it’s so much more. It has all of the best parts of every web 2.0 site I’ve seen but better.
Two problems:
1. You probably don’t know very many people on it. Especially if you’re not on it. So get on it and stay on it.
2. Because the sample of people on it are first adopters you get a bizarre internet version of information. For example, I was the first person to “discover” several websites whose reputations in reality far outpaces what their observed reputation on the web is.
Case in point, in the world of stumble I was the first to discover these important sites:
The AEA: The worlds most prominent economics organization.

The Mercatus Center
: The top economic educator on capital hill.

The Mont Pelerin Society
: Economic network begun by FA Hayek and consisting of several if not all of the living Nobel Prize winners in economics.
Randy Barnett: Has arguably advanced the arguments for anarchism in academic mainstream more than anyone alive.
Andrei Shleiffer: The best non-Austrian economist.

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