Austrian Student Scholars Conference

I just got back from the third annual Austrian Student Scholars Conference held at Grove City College. It was a great event again this year and Grove City is a beutiful campus and my appreciation for their academic vision grows each time I visit. Dr. Herbener and Dr. Ritenour really did a wonderful job to make interested students feel welcome and encouraged. They deserve many thanks and gratitude for organizing and running this event. I’m honored to announce that I was awarded first prize in the Richard E. Fox Foundation Paper Contest for my paper entitled, “Incarceration for Private rather than Public Interest: An Economic History of Incarceration in Classical Athens.” Second prize went to Courtney Winther of Grove City College for her paper, “Wage Rate Disparity in the Antebellum South: The Market’s Response for Industrialization,” and third to Nick Curott of San Jose State for “The Rule of Law Versus the Failure of Foreign Aid in Africa.” Finally, I owe Pete Leeson a note of thanks for his helpful advice on structuring my paper through many of its earlier draft.
On the past student scholars conferences see Adam Martin’s Report on 2005 and Dr. Herbener’s report from 2004.