Social Networking

I came across, this article on (a unique application of the social netowrk process itself) about the unique and important qualities of In case you’re unaware, I’m a big fan of facebook and most social networking websites. I think they are not only great ways to keep in touch with past aquantences and associates, thus making such relationships easier to maintain over time. But they have an unprecedented ability to distribute new information and ideas.
The article seems to be unconsciously informed of how reputational norms are weak in completely anonymous settings, a concern that Pete Boettke (1, 2, 3) often brings up in regards to the effects internet publications have had on academia. Do the weak ties displace the strong? Facebook with its ability to limit and control network access to different portions of a user’s profile achieves levels of trust, legitimacy, and authority of signals sent through the network channels to greater degrees than other social network sites like myspace.
Another recent post on the mises blog points to facebook as the next breading ground for libertarian activists.

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