Jeff Tucker does it again

I couldn’t resist cross posting this gem of a blurb from Jeff Tucker over at the Mises Institute.
My comments on the feed are as follows:
Jeff Tucker’s articles and blog posts are refreshing and wonderful in two distinctive ways. The first is his dedication to empirical applications. Despite some of my fellow earlier commentators’ impulse to incite a praxeology v. empirics riot, I beleive applied theorizing to be one of the most important competitive advantages of Austrian economics and sound economics in general. Applied theorizing is simply the task of using theory to explain the world around us, that’s what theory is for after all. On this margin Jeff’s writings are always gems, which leads into the the second margin which Tucker always seems to impress me on; his willingness to never remove his economic lenses. In a true econo-geek fashion, Jeff sees the basic principles of economics in everything from his shoe selection, shaving routine, to his olive theivery. In this sense he is a true exemplar of spreading the economic message. Economics is not just a drawer of useless platitudes and formalistic assumptions it’s a way to see the world around you and a perspective with which you can gain understanding about the complicated problems that the world presents.

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  1. Hey Dan, on the referring page that lists all of y’all’s blogs they spelled yours incorrectly (additiction).

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